Friday, December 02, 2005

Christmas Manifesto, 2005

It's that time a year when I know my inbox is getting inundated with Christmas jokes and crap. That I don't mind, who can resist poking a little at such a superficial holiday? I think we should head off big corporate advertising at the pass. Cartoons are vital for my child (and myself, I might add. Who can resist a moving drawing, really?), and who wants to see all those commercials for all that cheap plastic junk that has no real purpose? If you are Christian, Christmas should be about Christ. If not, and you choose to celebrate anyway, for whatever reason, make it a time to spend some time and energy with your family. If you don't want to spend time with your family or its simply not an option, at least let your friends know how much you appreciate them, without buying something for them. Time, energy, love and appreciation. Isn't that what this holiday is about? Not cheap plastic junk made in other countries and really just developed to make the captialist system thrive by creating wants nobody can really afford to have in this day and age (for those of you out there who know me very well, read Republican administration, for those that don't, don't jump down my throught, its simply an observation). This message was not meant to political in any way, just my frustration of how a Board of Directors somewhere have changed not only Christmas, but other gift-giving holidays, into buying-fests aimed at taking your hard-earned money and turning it into clutter that will only be sold at the next yard sale. The jolly Santa most of us grew up with was invented by Coca-Cola. I'm not saying don't buy anything, there may be people in your family, neighborhood, or even some of your friends who don't have much of anything all year anyway, much less Christmas. Share with them, if you have it to share, if you don't, simply spend time talking to significant others or children before seemingly harmless ill-percieved actions, unresolved issues, etc., turn into long tear-filled nights or long therapy sessions. I know you could be wondering by now, if you haven't already deleted this message, how on earth do I celebrate? I make stuff, I don't buy it. I get my son and fiance something small, yet meaningful, and chances are, whatever the rest of you get, I made myself. See? Time, energy, love and appreciation. Something I think we all need more of, not only for our families and friends, that's only where it starts. Good energy starts in the heart and could have such an impact on the world! Throw some of that out there instead of your money, and it just may come back to you...three-fold.

Happy Winter Holiday, Whatever You Choose to Call IT!


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