Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Philosophy 101

The two most important choices not only for women, but people in general, must be in the selection of reading material and music. These two things have the most profound effect on the brain because they use the most important senses, sight and hearing, and the areas of the brain involved in the processing of these two mediums are also used in cognition and the formation of thought. Trust me, nothing is more important to the human race is the formation of thought.
Thought produces profound energy. The music a person chooses can be seen as an interpretation of their individual thought process. A person’s choice in reading material is often a reflection of a) the music choice and b) the thought process.
For example, and I will use myself as one, I prefer more complex music with the tremendous energy produced by thundering bass and electric guitars, industrial, punk, metal and the like. My preferred reading material is often intellectually intensive, wither with philosophical or theoretical themes, fiction with complex twisting and turning plot lines. Usually being required by some college course I have not yet reached in my limited experiences in academia.
Based on my personality, basically a powerful person with a tendency to be controlling, with a seemingly never-ending internal stream of consciousness, I can confidently say that a person who prefers a lighter kind of music, such as adult contemporary, and prefers to follow the books suggested by Oprah’s Book Club, does not have the depth of thought that a person like me may have. Don’t take this theory to heart, remember, I’m just a little girl with something to prove.
The intricately woven web of humanity is in danger of being swept out of the dark and dusty corners by an old lady with a broom. I am that old lady. With the help of some back street tattoo parlor wisdom, I propose that I can have all of human kind standing knee-deep in the idea that one can make this planet a better merry-go-round to be on. The key is thought, pure and simple. Not only the production of thought, we’re not talking about the pondering of belly button lint here (but if that’s what you enjoy, go for it), but the process of higher-order thought as the means to a smoother sailing end.
The key to producing more profound thought is the simple act of letting go of the artificial for the natural mechanics of things. By this, in one example is giving up automobiles and television. Although I have not personally transcended the ingrained conditioning of my parents to depend on people with cars or have weaned myself from the plug-in drug known as the television, I have adjusted my life tremendously to a point where most people think I am insane and that I am making things much harder on myself. Quite the contrary. Yes, I do a lot more walking than most and I also spend a lot of time waiting for buses, boyfriends and gracious roommates, it gives me plenty of time to think, which is the basis of my plan for a better human race, which works out.
The problem with getting people to turn off and tune in is that most people, especially Americans, don’t like to think. They prefer to have the thinking done for them. This concept tends to make me violently ill. That’s how I think we have acquired the mandates of society we have now. Intellectually, I know that societal mandates originally come from the Judeo-Christian ideas which are the bases for present-day western society, which keeps most people from running amok, killing each other over something as simple as the colors someone wears. Although this practice is not only still being carried out in the epicenters of America’s largest cities, and is the product of abject poverty that have nothing to do with society in general, as people that are not in that particular in that particular environment and subculture.
I digress. I’m not saying we should overthrow the government that has it’s base in Judeo-Christian doctrine or, although I am a closet anarchist that has not come out for fear of persecution, that the laws that exist for the protection of society should not be repealed. The law of the land and the judicial system should be trusted enough to actually protect the weaker components of society, deal with those who clutter our correctional facilities more effectively, by sending the more violent of the lot to the military for covert suicide missions to serve as a way to prevent pointless foreign wars. The current war has turned into a huge, bad reality show with hundreds of people being voted off by means of car bombs and suicide bombers.
This is where I advocate the resurrection of sanitariums and lunatic hospitals. Most people in prison today have mental disorders that can be treated instead of cluttering up the works of correctional facilities that were designed with an optimistic view that less of a capacity would be needed, only to overflow year after year like too many rats in a cage. We all know what happens if you put too many rats in a cage, right?
Enough. The sacrifices that the general public should consider are giving up the artificial, as mentioned before. The artificial consists of not only the unattainable standard of sexual attraction that women continue to kill themselves for, but the status symbols that basically mean nothing in the grand scheme of the universe, currency systems based on credit cards, electronic transfers and have no basis in a real sense of reality. Yes, those things are convenient, but not real, and exist only in a printout that some temp in an office somewhere has to file.
In the society I am familiar with in the twilight of 2005, all an individual life boils down to is a series of electronic transfers and an invalid password. That’s when I propose the introduction of a bartering system instead of free commerce. Nearly everyone in America has shit they have just lying around, and there are people in such desperate that they can’t even feed their families, much less clothe them. They all have something valuable based on some other type of currency, whether it is physical, intellectual or spiritual. In short, if every human being worked to find this individual potential, using wastefulness, transforming it into something good, not only a blind donation for a tax write-off, but in exchange for the non-monetary value of another person, it would virtually eliminate the need for hard currency, and status symbols, among other antiquated parts of the current financial system. Thus, poverty felt in most of the world. That alone would bring the United States as we know it down, but more of a forced reconstruction of the current system and could be replaced with a more humanitarian system that would not only benefit those who are less fortunate in monetary means, but also bump up the standard of living for everyone. The only people that this would not work very well for are higher-ranking officials and those who make huge amounts of money on the suffering of the poor and vulnerable. As someone once said to me, anyone who aspires to be President should be informed that they would be living in public housing. For most people I’ve met, that is definitely one place that it wouldn’t matter very much and the mere thought of living in public housing would deter those who are in it for the money. And you can’t deny that the current administration is only in the false world of politics for the money and by no means the prospect of change for the greater good and the general public.


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