Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Nice Shade of Purple

There's one thing that I not only can't wrap my head around, but just generally bugging the shit out of me. How in the name of all unholy hell can the US get itself back on track while battleling against itself about who is right, the right or left. In my humble opinion, I think they are both wrong. All this bitching and whining is a signal to me that the terrorists are winning. This may have the sued-denim secret police on my ass, but I don't care. I'm just excersizing my first ammendment right to free speech. And I still can't spell, thank you US public schools, thank you.

This is the part where I tell you where I got this strange, far-flung conclusion about the terrorists winning. We, as Americans have been split on this whole flaming sack of dog shit since same hit the fan on 9/11. It's been said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. That's exactly what's been going on in political debate. But on further thought, it's not just politics, but general matters, too. But I'm not going into that in this entry. I'm just trying to show the level of nastiness that I feel for the government in general. A month ago it was worse, Congress changing majority party helped somewhat, but not enough to placate someone with a big mouth like me. Has it even crossed anybody's mind, even for one fleeting moment that we've exposed our underbelly??? We are now just like a puppy in need of love, rolling over and wagging our feet like we're expecting a rub, when we get kicked instead. My body is tensing up for that kick. It will come soon enough. Once somebody somewhere gets wind of this kind of division, I'm sorry to say that we are so not ready.

The American Constitution provides for many rights and responsibilities that Americans have. I have the right to call conservatives morons or liberals soft. I also have the responsibility to see what this is doing and make my opinion known. I feel this is a dangerous thing to do, especially over the internet. I've met many people from the middle east through the internet. They have all been very nice people, btw. (Mad love and respect to my Persian and Arab brothers and sisters.) But the baddies can also see this kind of division and think, "Hey, these people are too busy fighing among themselves to be worried about another attack, let's roll!" This scares the living hell out of me, and it should you, too.

Don't place blame on the other party if you are afraid, we're all afraid. That doesn't mean you can just go attacking your own people. I'm not just talking about the ones born here, either. This also goes to the next level, the newest Americans, immigrants! Don't you think we should just find some common ground already! Fucknuggets, folks! You can start showing your red, white and blues in other ways. As I've said before somewhere, real patriots don't need to wave flags. Put the flags away and get to work. Work on finding some common ground. I'll help you get a start. You have kids? I have kids. Do your kids get on your nerves sometimes? Really?! My kids get on my nerves, too, but I couldn't imagine my life without them. I'm sure both conservatives and liberals can relate to this. Not only on that tiny scale, either. I'm sure every parent on earth feels this way, too. What can we do about American schools? The uninsured? There are bigger nuts to crack than placing blame. I just wish we could get our Yankee Doodles out of the rubble of Ground Zero and see each other as humans, people caught in the same trap by the same people. Who is the real enemy? Criminal masterminds or our own minds. You have the decision to live or die. I choose to live. I will not close myself into the narrow field of living in a red or blue state. I shall forever remain a nice shade of purple.


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