Friday, March 17, 2006

A Gamer Widow's Observation

The Night Before: Training

Silence! No sudden moves, no flash photography, please, as these can startle the specimens.

Let’s observe the Gamer in his natural habitat. He is focused, driven. Sipping on energy drinks, hoping to god he doesn’t get a cramp in his thumb. He has his own language, undeciferable to anyone outside his tribe. Notice the look of defeat on his face when he gets his ass kicked by his worthy opponent. Intent on defeating his enemy, miraculously, by sitting in one spot.

Let’s observe. To the outsider, they are doing nothing productive, but to the keen observer, this is clearly the primal “hunter instinct” that has all but disappeared in modern society. They train extensively, hoping to win the prize…whatever that may be. Clearly nothing material, but the satisfaction of beating the worthy opponent?? Nobody can really be sure, unless you move among them and try to learn his culture.

I use the masculine due to the fact that this is one of the places in modern society that is male-dominated. As any Widow that has seen the Wild Gamer, it’s easy to see why. Flashy images, cool noises and of course, the gratuitous violence.

Competition Day: 1:22pm

The optimistic attitude the specimens exhibit is momentarily dampened by the realization, just a few minutes too late that the necessary equipment needed for this particular quest has been left in the den occupied by this Widow and her beloved Gamer. The Guild of five Gamers was forced to split up into two traveling groups, as my very own Gamer forgot a very important piece of kit.

The equipment that this Guild has along is a rather extensive lot, though quite common among those of their lot. The list includes:

• One television set
• One CPU
• One boombox
• One portable console
• One backpack with an assorted mangled blob of assorted unidentified wires and accessories

After a successful run to pick up the missing kit, the journey will hopefully continue as smoothly as possible, if not exactly in a timely manner.


The journey went relatively smoothly, including the usual detours brought to you by missing exits. The specimens, CireDark and Sven, set up their equipment as quickly and effectively as usual, and with an anticipatory air, they begin to prepare for battle. I will take a short break for nourishment, they probably will not notice that I’m gone.


Thankfully, this competition was held at a shopping mall. So, yes, even though I’m not a shopper, I was able to use this next couple of hours keeping myself occupied, confident in the fact that my specimens were doing the exact same thing they were doing when I left.

I was able to pick up a few things I could not get in my hometown, while the boys were doing their thing. A helpful hint for those devoted Wids who are hell-bent on supporting their loved ones, make sure there is a diversion for you or else you go stark raving mad.

Approximately 9:30pm

The specimens are defeated. They seem happy that they came. My control subject kept me apprised of the situation via cell phone while I was otherwise occupied.

They are a curious breed. They are driven, competitive in a harmless way. So are we, Gamer Widows. Take comfort in your Geekdom, while you can rest assured that nobody wants them for their ways, you do. And keep in mind, because of your geekiness, nobody really wants you, either.