Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Strange Kids DO NOT Equal Homicide

I was a strange kid. Now as an adult, I'm a strange adult. I have a morbid streak to this day, and as a teenager, while cutting my creative writing teeth on writing fake suicide notes, I was called into the guidance office. After some counseling, and being declared one of the most "normal" people my counselor has ever met, I was declared sane. Some people may beg to differ, but such as life. It is so sad that Mr. Cho was killed. Whether he killed himself or was killed by police doesn't matter, it's sad because we can't talk to this man (he was 23 years old, not a boy, but a man, technically) and find out what really happened to make him shoot up his classmates. Could he have been antisocial? Sociopathic? It's making me physically ill hearing people say that he was strange and they were afraid of him. If he did in fact have imaginary friends, that's pretty insane, but then I have imaginary conversations with Dub-ya about the Iraq war. Does that make me crazy and pull the now famous bell tower trick? I know most mainstream folks are afraid of me because I freely admit I'm strange, because that is what makes me me.

I wear black most of the time, I listen to industrial music, I like most horror flicks, I like to hang out with the "insane" and "dangerous" folks of the world, I like violent video games (I beat The Sopranos: Road to Respect on PS2!!!). Do you think that makes ME dangerous? I think not. I am a non-violent person, a proud pacifist and tree-hugging bleeding-heart liberal. I am a homemaker and mother, family being my number one priority. I have said that ALL people are MY people, and I mean that. Just because I know how to make a molitov cocktail, does not mean that I will make one. It also makes me physically ill that his roommates appeared on CNN talking about this man. If one of them can contact me and prove to me, to my satisfaction, that they did not make fun of him or tease him or bully him in any way, then I will stop harboring the same resentment and anger that I felt towards the bullies I have faced, and still face, in my life that I feel for these two. Obviously the nation has learned NOTHING from Columbine and the other high school and university shootings that have occured during the course of American history. I may get this quote wrong, but you know what I mean:

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- Emma Goldman

Have you hugged a Goth kid today??? I have. :)